SmartLipo™ Jacksonville

Smartlipo is indeed a smarter approach to liposuction, also known as Laser Body Sculpting. Another minimally invasive approach to removing unwanted fat deposits, the Smartlipo procedure uses a fine laser carried through a fibre optic cable to melt the target fat cells.

Because of the fine diameter of the laser your surgeon will be able to pinpoint very specific areas which makes Smartlipo particularly good for liposuction of finer areas whilst avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue and blood vessels. At Posh Plastic Surgery we find Smartlipo to be particularly effective under the chin. The Smartlipo procedure also creates coagulation of the surrounding tissue and blood vessels leading to significantly reduced bleeding, bruising and over time needed for healing.

As with Vaser the recovery time for Smartlipo is much less than for traditional liposuction techniques, you will typically experience about a week of discomfort, your normal routine can be resumed, with caution, when you feel ready to. Dr. Sofia Kirk or our nurse practitioner, Colleen Berry will make sure that you are aware of all these details before you have your procedure and your preoperative appointment packet will contain further information for you to refer to at home.

The cost of Smartlipo will vary depending upon how many areas you have done. Whether or not it is the right procedure for you only your surgeon can decide, it may be that for larger areas Vaser Liposelection is a better choice for you. Please take time to look through our Smartlipo before and after pictures to see the results that others have experienced.

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