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A brow lift, also know as a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure performed in order to reduce wrinkles of the forehead and to give a younger, rejuvenated appearance to the upper part of the face and brow.

At Posh Plastic Surgery, we have provided women and men in the Jacksonville area with amazing results from their brow lift procedure.

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This is one area where we store our feelings for all to see, whether it be horizontal lines of worry, furrows of grief or a deep vertical crevice between the eyebrows from years of stress and doubt, these expressions and states of mind become etched in our brow and with time we can come to look permanently angry, sad or under the weather. Due to loosening of the skin and laxity of muscle tone the brow can also sag and droop, which in turn causes the upper eyelids to droop as well. It may be that for the best and longest lasting results a brow lift may need to be done in conjunction with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and/or a facelift.

Your Brow Lift will be performed by Dr. Sofia Kirk at her office in Jacksonville, FL.

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There are several brow lift procedures that can be utilized. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sofia Kirk can go over the options we offer and let you know which procedure can provide you with your desired results.

The more traditional method is to make an incision along, and sometimes in, the hair line, remove the excess skin and close the incision pulling the skin of the forehead taught. These days however brow lift surgery tends to be less invasive and a lateral (temporal) brow lift or endoscopic brow lift can be done with great results. The lateral brow lift involves making a small incision near the sides of the forehead, just above the temples, excess skin is removed and the brow is tightened from side to side with a slight lift. During an endoscopic brow lift several small incisions are made along the hair line and an endoscope is used to view behind the skin. The tissue of the forehead (periosteum) is separated from the bone and excess fat, tissue and muscle removed. The skin of the brow is then positioned as desired and held in place either by removable screws or some kind of dissolvable anchor. After a few weeks the periosteum will reattach itself to the skull and the lift will stay in place without aid.

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There are many advantages to the newer brow lift surgery techniques; less scaring and bruising, less need for pain medication and reduced brow lift recovery time to name just a few. In many cases the entire procedure can be done in office under sedation and local anesthetic. A good plastic surgeon will discuss the options available to you and advise you as to the best treatment plan for your particular requirements. It may be that several procedures in combination are needed to achieve the results you are looking for and so the the cost of a brow lift, and related procedures, can vary greatly.

One often unexpected benefit of brow lift surgery that has been observed in a significant number of patients is the treatment of migraine headaches. In some cases, where certain muscles and nerves are removed as part of the procedure, it is the ones thought to be responsible for the onset of migraines that is involved. Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon at your consultation if you think that it may be of benefit to you.

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The length of your brow lift recovery will vary based on the type of brow lift performed and other factors. There is less swelling and bruising with a lateral brow lift and endoscopic brow lift but some swelling, bruising, and discomfort is to be expected. Pain should be mild and can be managed with over the counter medication.

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The cost of your brow lift will depend on whether you choose to undergo a traditional brow lift, endoscopic brow lift, or lateral brow lift. During your consultation, Dr. Kirk can go over each option and let you know what the expected cost will be and go over the payment options available to you.

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At Posh Plastic Surgery, we know that our patients are looking for an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon who can help them reach their aesthetic goals. Dr. Sofia Kirk is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been expertly trained in the field of facial plastic surgery and strives to offer the best brow lift results Jacksonville has to offer.

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