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Breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty) is the removal of breast tissue and skin to reduce the size of the breasts if they are excessively large or heavy. This can be due to hormonal factors, changes in weight, or simply due to hereditary factors.

Problems resulting from overly large or heavy breasts can include pain and discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders, difficulty in breathing and restrictions on the ability to lead an active lifestyle. Some women can also feel very self conscious about having large breasts and undergoing surgery to make them smaller helps to restore their self confidence. Because the main reason for having breast reduction surgery is to alleviate some kind of pain or discomfort it is generally considered a medical procedure and therefore often covered by medical insurance. Whatever your reasons are for wanting breast reduction surgery it is best to discuss them with your surgeon to see if it is the right procedure for you.

The procedure itself can take anywhere from two to five hours and involves the removal of an area skin below the nipple, a repositioning of the nipple and sometimes a reduction of the areola, the darker area surrounding the nipple. There are several techniques available and which one is right for the patient will depend upon the the size and shape of the breasts, the age of the patient and the extent of the reduction.

The recovery period after breast reduction surgery is similar to that of breast augmentation. The patient can expect to be back at work after seven days if they have light duties or up to two weeks if more activity or lifting is involved. Light exercise can usually be resumed after four weeks and regular exercise after six weeks. Always check with your surgeon before increasing your activity level during the breast reduction recovery period.

Breast feeding is possible after having had breast reduction surgery however you must be sure to tell your surgeon if you have plans for future pregnancy. A breast reduction can cause damage to milk producing glands depending upon the nature of the procedure. If you discuss this with your surgeon they can advise you on the best type of treatment.

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