Skin Cancer Removal Jacksonville

Just hearing the word cancer causes fear in most people and even though the recovery rates can be very good with certain types that are caught early on it is always difficult to accept such a diagnosis. If you suspect that you may have any type of skin cancer (also known as melanoma or carcinoma) then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you catch it the better your chances of recovery are. It is far better to see a doctor unnecessarily than to make an incorrect diagnosis upon yourself. Even though there are many good books and websites explaining how to tell a malignant mole from a benign one there are always exceptions to the rule.

In the early stages of development skin cancer removal can be quick and relatively painless. The surgeon will give sedation to the patient to help them relax, apply a local anesthetic to the affected area and cut out the cancer with a small margin of healthy tissue. This ensures that all of the cancerous skin cells are captured. An inspection of the area will then be done and if necessary more tissue will be removed. If the growth is more advanced and a larger area is to be removed then the doctor may put the patient under general anesthetic. The amount of scarring will depend upon the amount of tissue removed. It may need as little as a few stitches to close the incision or it may be that a skin graft is required to cover the open area. In more advanced cases it may be that some other treatment is necessary in conjunction with skin cancer removal surgery, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. All of these issues should be discussed with your doctor during your consultation and, if necessary, you may be referred to a an oncologist for a further diagnosis.

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