Male Breast Reduction Jacksonville

Male breast reduction surgery is done to treat Gynecomastia (latin for “woman-like breasts”), a condition whereby men have larger than normal breasts. This problem is actually quite common amongst boys reaching puberty but usually goes away when puberty is over. In some cases the condition remains. It has also been known to occur in late to middle-age and affects an estimated 40-60% of men. Gynecomastia is characterized by an excess of fat and/or glandular tissue in the breast area and can occur in one or both breasts.

While the exact cause is unknown it is thought to be related to hormonal levels and in some cases triggered by the use of certain drugs such as marijuana, anabolic steroids and excessive alcohol use. Patients are usually advised to stop the use of these substances, and to make sure they are not obesely overweight to see if the their breast size decreases naturally before they decide to undergo surgery.



As with any medical condition it may be that once the patient adopts a healthy diet and lifestyle their body restores itself to balance and symptoms clear up on their own. If that is not the case, and other methods such as exercise and weight loss have not worked, then surgery may be the answer.

Male breast reduction surgery may be performed with liposuction under local anesthetic if the problem is limited to an excess of fatty tissue, but if there is too much glandular tissue growth then excision (removal) will be required, possibly under general anesthetic. This will usually involve the removal of some excess skin and a possibly resizing of the areola to restore the breast to a more natural masculine appearance. All incisions will be along natural contours of the body and although there will be a scar it will be concealed and fade over time.

Recovery for male breast reduction varies according to the extent of the procedure. It can be as little as two days before the patient is back to work if liposuction is used but can be as long as two weeks if extensive excision is required. Each case is specific to the requirements of the the individual and your surgeon will tell you what to expect during your consultation.

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