Neck Lift Jacksonville

A neck lift is a procedure which improves the appearance of the neck and area beneath the jaw line giving a younger, firmer look with more definition. ‘Turkey neck’ as it is referred to by some, can be caused by aging, weight loss, hereditary factors and other causes. There are several different methods of neck plastic surgery; cervicoplasty is the removal of excess skin involving a small incision behind or under each ear, platysmaplasty is the tightening of the neck muscles with surgical procedures. Liposuction of the area is often done at the same time to remove fatty tissue and compliment the other procedures.

It is not uncommon for several facial plastic surgery procedure to be preformed at one time to accentuate the overall effect. This means that there will be far less recovery time and the overall cost will be reduced since the surgery centre and anesthesia fees will only need to be paid for once. By combining neck surgery with a face lift, nose surgery, eyelid surgery and/or a brow lift a good plastic surgeon can create a dramatic change in the way a person looks. You should discuss with your surgeon what you want to achieve by having surgery so they can advise you of what options and combinations are available, what overall result you can reasonably expect and what the cost of surgery will be.

Recovery time for neck lift surgery takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks for the bruising and swelling to subside, but you will be able to see the improved definition of the neck and jawline before this time. The effects can last up to ten years, about the same time as a face lift, however this will vary greatly from person to person depending upon their skin type, age, lifestyle and how well they take care of their general health following the procedure. Regular exercise, drinking plenty of pure water and herbal teas, eating natural, nutritious foods in moderate amounts and taking regular exercise will greatly benefit your overall health leading to a stronger immune system, improved level of fitness, greater mental clarity, increased energy and improved mood and enhanced mental and emotional stability. All of these will help maintain a healthier, more youthful appearance, decrease the stressors which contribute towards the aging process and help maintain the rejuvenating effects of your plastic surgery.

It is important to remember that true health and beauty begin within and radiate outwards to affect our physical appearance.

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