Skin Lesion / Mole Removal Jacksonville

Moles are a type of skin lesion known as Nevi, (technically referred to as Nevocytic nevus or melanocytic nevus) small growths that are found on or under the skin. They can be any shade from very dark brown to a lighter tan or pink color and are very common affecting almost everybody to some degree. In most cases a mole will be of no concern and in the past they have even been considered desirable, just consider the beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. If, however, an individual feels that they have a mole in a very prominent location, or of an unusual size then they may well want it removed. Facial mole removal is common amongst women who feel that it has a negative affect upon their appearance. Even if other people barely notice it in reality a person may feel that when others look at them it is all they see.

The two types of procedure available at Posh Plastic Surgery are mole removal surgery and laser mole removal.

Mole/skin lesion removal surgery is a simple procedure that can be done in a few minutes in the surgeon’s office. It typically involves cleaning and sterilizing the surrounding area and a local anesthetic being injected next to the skin lesion. The surgeon will then cut out the mole and a little of the surrounding healthy tissue, the remaining hole will then be stitched close and the patient will be ready to leave. How much healthy tissue is removed will depend upon how large the mole is and whether it is under the skin (sub-dermal) or on the surface. There may be a little scarring left over depending upon the age and skin type of the patient, however in many cases this will be small enough as to be barely noticeable.

Laser mole removal involves exposing the skin lesion to short bursts of laser light that kill off the cells and cauterize them. Laser mole removal is best performed upon darker skin lesions since the laser light is absorbed by the dark pigment (melatonin) in the skin cells. It is also only effective for smaller moles since the laser light cannot penetrate very far into the skin.

It is advisable that you seek a trained professional to diagnose the type of mole you have and which type of procedure will be best for you. An initial consultation will also be the time for you to ask about such factors as the cost of mole removal, the expected scarring and healing time involved.

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