Laser 360 Jacksonville

Laser 360 – a combination of IPL, Skin Tightening and Pixel.
We are proud to be the only practice within a wide radius to be offering the Laser 360 package. The three types of procedure are combined over 8 treatment sessions in a 60 day period to give complete skin rejuvenation. By combining the procedures in this way your skin will be treated for tone, color, tightness and texture stimulating a regrowth of the epidermal and dermal layer which can produce results far in excess of each procedure alone. Although there is no real recovery time for Laser 360 and you should be able to resume normal activities straight after each treatment you may find that your immediate appearance leaves you wanting to stay indoors for a few days while the initial effects heal. Please be aware that this can be reasonably aggressive for a non surgical procedure but we think you will find that the results are well worth it.

Posh Package

For those who do not want to undergo the full 60 day procedure we also offer the Posh Package which is all 3 technologies combined in one treatment session. Whilst not offering the full effects of the 360 the Posh Package still provides a good level of skin rejuvenation at a much more affordable price.