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A more masculine chest, a rejuvenated face, and a smaller waistline are some of the benefits of plastic surgery procedures that are just for men in Jacksonville.

It is no surprise that many men have turned to plastic surgery in recent decades to improve their physical appearance. While most people connect plastic surgery with women, guys can be just as anxious about their looks. Looking young and fit is highly valued in our society.

More and more men are choosing to have plastic surgery. Listed below are some of the most commonly performed procedures that men choose to have done, ranging from non invasive to surgical procedures.

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Laser Skin Treatments – Alma Harmony

Chemical/Skin Peels

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When it comes to plastic surgery that’s just for men, good communication with your plastic surgeon is crucial. You will be asked to explain why you want the treatment and how you want to look afterward during your initial consultation. It is critical to put any self-consciousness aside and talk openly about the improvements you would like to achieve.

As part of your consultation, your plastic surgeon will assess your health, perform a physical examination, take pre-operative pictures, and explain which surgical procedures are best for you. The type of anesthetic to be used, the potential complications, and the fees associated will all be reviewed. The cost of cosmetic operations is frequently not covered by medical insurance.

If any element of the appointment makes you uncomfortable, or if you have any special privacy requests, be sure to tell your surgeon. The quality of the results may be influenced by your age and health.

It’s also critical to have reasonable expectations. Remember, your doctor can help you gain an improved appearance, but there is no such thing as perfection.


The days and weeks following any type of men’s plastic surgery are crucial in achieving a positive end result. You must strictly adhere to your plastic surgeon’s directions.
You will be advised to take time off work, wear bandages, get plenty of rest, stay out of the sun, abstain from alcohol and cigarettes, and avoid intense activity during your recovery.

Men’s plastic surgery may require you to have a support person present for roughly a week to aid you – both physically and emotionally – to avoid post-operative issues. If you get the aid and rest you need, you will have a better chance of recovering faster – and seeing results sooner.

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