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Dr. Sofia Kirk and her team are excited to offer you the latest in medical weight loss procedures. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is now available at Posh Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida.

The CoolSculpting fat removal machine is a revolutionary new technique that works by chilling the tissue in the treatment area to a specific tenperature . Fat cells crystallize at a higher temperature than the water based cells of the body so they are frozen and gently destroyed while the rest of the tissue in the area remains healthy. The body then absorbs and disposes of the fat cells over the following weeks or months. This process, known as cryolipolysis, has several major benefits over traditional liposuction or laser fat removal. Firstly, there are no holes or incisions made at all which means no scarring and virtually no pain and therefore no dressings to change and no need for pain medication. Secondly, there is no downtime whatsoever, you can literally have your session during your lunch break and then go straight back to work. Thirdly, the cost of CoolSculpting is significantly less than traditional or laser liposuction.

The perfect candidate for Coolsculpting, or fat freezing as some people refer to it, is someone who is relatively healthy, has done all they can to lose weight and tone their body but just can’t shift the stubborn belly bulge or love handles no matter what they try. CoolSculpting does not tighten the skin at all so if you have a lot of excess weight and loose skin then traditional laser lipo, with or without a lift, may be the better option for you. Your surgeon will advise you as to which procedure can best help you achieve the look you want.

One of the main benefits of consulting a board certified plastic surgeon rather than a spa facility for your free CoolSulpting consultation is that they will be able to advise you of the range of fat removal procedures available and tell you what is the most effective treatment to achieve the look you desire should they find that Coolsculpting is note suitable for you. You will also be treated under the direct supervise of a medically trained doctor.

It usually takes two treatments to get a really good result even though many people get the fat reduction they are looking for with one treatment. A session lasts about an hour during which time you can lay back and listen to music, read or even sleep. Some minor side effects of CoolSculpting are numbness and light swelling in the area shortly after the treatment and sometimes bruising but this will disappear in a short time. As with SmartLipo and other minimally invasive liposuction procedures the full results are not apparent for several months.

Despite it being a new procedure the reviews for CoolSculpting are very positive and some have even suggested that it may replace liposuction for many people. Take a look at the CoolSculpting before and after pictures on our slideshow to see just how good the results can be.

So if you are looking to try CoolSculpting in Jax, FL, then come to Posh Plastic Surgery and let us freeze the fat for you.

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