Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Jacksonville

IPL ( AFT – Advanced Fluorescence Technology) utilizes very powerful pulses of light like that of a camera flash. The Alma Harmony range of AFT hand pieces is different in that it takes previously unused short wavelength light and passes it through a special filter thereby converting it into usable light that is safer and more effective than standard technologies. This means a more efficient delivery for better results with improved patient comfort and little to no tissue damage. In essence it works by heating certain layers or areas of the skin with a specific light frequency to achieve the desired result. AFT is non-ablative, meaning that the surface of the skin is not broken during treatment. A typical treatment of the face will take about 30 minutes.

NOTE: Skin types V and VI are not suitable candidates for AFT treatments with the exception of the acne treament. Skin type IV may be suitablle and will need a spot test. Please use this link to take the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test.

Acne Treatment – Blue Light (AFT 420-950nm)

Acne is a widespread problem amongst adolescents and lesser known, yet still prevalent, amongst adults. It is caused by blocked sebaceous glands that lead to pimples and sometimes cysts on the face, neck, chest and shoulders. If not treated correctly even moderate cases can lead to scarring. Traditional acne treatment involves a course of antibiotics or topical ointments to kill the bacteria responsible, p.acnes. Contemporary research has shown that by treating the affected area with a specific frequency of blue light in the 420-950nm range the p.acnes bacteria can be quickly destroyed without damage to the surrounding tissue. The blue light AFT treatment is totally painless and can produce 80% clearance results with 8 treatments over 4 weeks, about 3 times faster than with standard pharmaceutical treatments.

Vascular and Pigmented Lesions – Green Light (AFT 540-950nm)

Almost everyone has some kind of vascular or pigmented lesion, whether it be freckles or sunspots, birthmark or age spots. These legions are usually simple areas of increased melanin, either flat or raised, and are harmless in most cases. Occasionally they can be a sign of skin cancer, to be sure you should consult a doctor before you treat them. For those who find their legions unsightly enough to want to be rid of them the Alma Harmony offers a safe, painless and non-surgical way to remove them. By exposing the area to light in the 540-950nm range the darker cells containing the melanin absorb the intense light thereby increasing their temperature enough to destroy the cells whilst leaving the lighter surrounding cells unharmed.

Skin/ Photo Rejuvenation, Wrinkles, Rosacea and More – Yellow Light (570-959nm)

The yellow light range of the Alma Harmony treats a range of conditions related to photo aging including age spots, broken capillaries, port wine stain, hyper/hypo pigmentation and rosacea. By penetrating the surface of the skin and gently heating the layer beneath yellow light IPL can eliminate the affected tissue and stimulate the growth of new healthy cells. In many cases collagen growth is stimulated filling fine lines and wrinkles.

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