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Rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as a nose job) is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Rhinoplasty refers to any kind of change to the shape of the nose (rhino – from the Greek rhis, nose, and plasty – from the Greek plassein, to shape). This may be to increase or decrease the overall size of the nose, to flatten a bump on the bridge or reduce it’s width, change the shape of the tip or incline of the nose or for any other cosmetic reason.

Rhinoplasty surgery can also be done for reconstructive reasons to correct breathing difficulties caused by a deviated septum from a birth defect or accident. In the case of nasal polyps or other changes of the internal structure of the nasal passage it may be necessary to see an ear, nose and throat specialist. This should be discussed with your plastic surgeon, along with other factors such as recovery time, the cost of rhinoplasty and your expectations of the final result. Nose surgery can correct damage and deformity as well as enhancing your natural appearance but you should bear in mind that even the best rhinoplasty surgeon cannot create a completely new look for you. The final outcome must be in harmony with the natural proportions of your face as well as allowing for unrestricted air flow to the lungs.

Dr. Kirk does not perform ethnic rhinoplasty. Due to differences in the cartilage structure and the toughness of the skin nose surgery on African Americans and Hispanics is often more difficult and complicated. If you are looking to undergo ethnic rhinoplasty then we recommend that you consult a rhinoplasty specialist rather than a general plastic surgeon. You may want to see some before and after rhinoplasty pictures of the surgeon’s previous work and be sure that you feel confident they can give you the results you are looking for.

The minimum age requirement for rhinoplasty at Posh Plastic Surgery is 18 years of age. Dr. Kirk feels, like many plastic surgeon’s, that only when the adolescent growth spurt is over can you truly assess the shape and appearance that the nose will maintain as an adult.

Rhinoplasty surgery usually takes one to two hours, maybe longer in more complicated cases. After surgery a protective splint is worn to support the outside of the nose and sometimes soft rubber splints are used inside, there will also be packing inside the nostrils to absorb bleeding. Rhinoplasty recovery time usually requires no more than two days of bed rest and most patients can resume light work activities within a few days to a week. Any strenuous activity that will increase the blood pressure should be avoided for two to three weeks. Your surgeon should inform you fully of what activities you will be able to resume and when, and regular check ups will allow them to advise you as your healing progresses.

Bruising will usually disappear within two weeks and swelling can last from 6 months to a year. It is important to be patient when waiting for the final results of your procedure and not to be put off if you cannot see the final results quickly or if others comment that they see no difference. If any revision is necessary then a good rhinoplasty surgeon will usually wait for at least one year so they can see the final outcome before deciding whether any further alteration is necessary.

As with all plastic surgery you should understand that the primary aim is for you to have your self confidence improved by your new appearance and for you to feel better about yourself, not to look better in the eyes of others. If you feel that this change in your appearance will help to overcome feelings of doubt low self esteem that restrict or limit you in any way, and you are of sound physical health and state of mind, then you may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

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